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RP R Course is restricted to students in specific programs. For more information, refer to the course description by clicking on the course number.
P Course has prerequisites. For more information, refer to the course description by clicking on the course number.
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CRN Course Reference Number.
Subj Course Subject Area.
Crse Course Code.

Section. See Section Coding System (below).

Cred Course Credits.
Title Course Title.
Add'l Fees Additional Fees: Indicates if the course has any additional fee beyond general tuition and student fees. More information on fees is available here.
Rpt Limit Repeat Limit: The number of times a course can be repeated.
Type Instruction Format:

LEC=Lecture; FLD=Field School; GIS=Guided Independent Study; LAB=Laboratory; PRAC=Practicum

Day(s) Meeting Days:

M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday

Time The start and end time for the course. Langara uses a 24-hour clock. For example: 1830 = 6:30pm.
Non Standard Indicates a course's Start/End dates if not a full semester.
Room The room that the lecture or lab is held in. If the course has both a lecture and lab, they may be held in different rooms.
Instructor(s) Last name and first initial of all instructors for the course. Contact information for faculty can be found using the online staff directory.


COOP Co-operative Education
CRN Course Reference Number
FLD Field School
GIS Guided Independent Study
GYM Gymnasium
LAB Laboratory (including computer)
LEC Lecture
NIL No Room Assigned
OFFC Off Campus
PRAC Practicum
TBA To be Announced
TBSCH To be Scheduled by Dept



Section Coding System

01 Course offered for full semester
A01 Course offered in the first half of the semester
B01 Course offered in the second half of the semester
C01 Co-op course
F01 Course offered as part of a field studies program
G01 Guided Independent course
M01 Mixed mode course (i.e., a combination of on-campus and
online instruction)
W01 Online course
X01 Prior Learning, Flexible Assessment section
AW1 Online course offered in the first half of the semester
BW1 Online course offered in the second half of the semester