Sep 6, 2019

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Auxiliary Sciences of History

Archaeology : the science of the human past /Mark Q. SuttonNew York : Routledge.

CC 165 S94 2019

Identifying and interpreting animal bones : a manual /April M. Beisaw.College Station : Texas A&M University Press.

CC 79.5 A5 B44 2013


The archaeology of animal bones /Terry O'Connor.College Station : Texas A&M University Press, 2016.

CC 79.5 A5 O36 2000

The complete book of heraldry : an international history of heraldry and its contemporary uses /Stephen Slater.London : Anness Publishing Ltd.

CR 21 S58 2003

Murder among gentlemen : a history of duelling in Canada /Hugh A. Halliday.Toronto : Robin Brass Studio.

CR 4595 C2 H34 1999

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Bibliography. Library Science.

The politics of mass digitization /Nanna Bonde Thylstrup.Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press.

Z 701.3 D54 T49 2018

Harnessing the power of Google : what every researcher should know /Christopher C. Brown.Santa Barbara, California : Libraries Unlimited.

ZA 4234 G64 B76 2017

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The slow professor : challenging the culture of speed in the academy /Maggie Berg and Barbara K. Seeber.Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2017.

LB 2331 B45 2017

Mind, brain and technology : learning in the age of emerging technologies /Thomas D. Parsons, Lin Lin, Deborah Cockerham, editors.Cham, Switzerland : Springer.

LB 2395.7 P37 2019

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Fine Arts

Liz Magor : the mouth and other storage facilities.Burnaby, British Columbia : Simon Fraser University Gallery.

N 6549 M355 A4 2008


Schiele in prison /by Alessandra Comini.London : Thames and Hudson,; c1974.

ND 511.5 S3 C65 1974

Modernist design complete /Dominic Bradbury.London : Thames & Hudson.

NK 1390 B725 2018

What we made : conversations on art and social cooperation /Tom Finkelpearl.Durham : Duke University Press.

NX 180 S6 F56 2013

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Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

Carbon play : the candid observations of a carbon pioneer /Robert William Falls.Victoria : Rocky Mountain Books.

GE 56 F35 A3 2017

Essentials of biological anthropology : discovering our origins /Clark Spencer Larsen.New York : W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

GN 60 L37 2019


The social archaeology of food : thinking about eating from prehistory to the present /Christine A. Hastorf, University of California, Berkeley.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2017.

GN799.F6 Online

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History of the Americas

Pop culture and the dark side of the American dream : con men, gangsters, drug lords, and zombies /Paul A. Cantor.Lexington, Kentucky : The University Press of Kentucky.

E 169.1 C24 2019


Indigenous methodologies : characteristics, conversations, and contexts /Margaret Kovach.Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2010.

E 76.7 K68 2010

Indigenous repatriation handbook /prepared by Jisgang Nika Collison, Sdaahl K'awaas Lucy Bell and Lou-ann Neel. Victoria : Royal BC Museum.

E 98 M34 C65 2019

The market for Mesoamerica : reflections on the sale of Pre-Columbian antiquities /edited by Cara G. Tremain and Donna Yates ; foreword by Diane Z. Chase and Arlen F. Chase.Gainesville : University Press of Florida.

F 1434.2 A7 T74 2019

Social credit for beginners : an armchair guide /by J.S. Osborne & J.T. Osborne.Vancouver : Pulp Press Book Publishers.

FC 3674.2 O83 1986

The last suffragist standing : the life and times of Laura Marshall Jamieson /Veronica Strong-Boag.Vancouver : UBC Press.

FC 3824.1 J34 S775 2018

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Language and Literature

War and cinema : the logistics of perception /Paul Virilio ; translated by Patrick Camiller.London : Verso.

PN 1995.9 W3 V58 1989

Corinne, or, Italy /Madame de Staël ; translated and edited by Sylvia Raphael ; introduction by John Isbell.Oxford : Oxford University Press.

PQ 2431 C7 E5 1998

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New York : Films Media Group.

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Shakespeare and co. : Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Dekker, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, John Fletcher, and other players in his story /Stanley Wells.New York : Vintage Books, 2008.

PR 2911 W45 2008


A pair of blue eyes /Thomas Hardy ; edited with an introduction by Alan Manford.Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1987.

PR 4750 P3 1987

Under Western eyes /Joseph Condrad ; edited with an introduction and notes by Jeremy Hawthorn.Oxford : Oxford University Press Inc.

PR 6005 O4 U503 2003

I know why the caged bird sings /Maya Angelou.New York : Ballantine Books.

PS 3551 N464 Z466 2015


A history of African American poetry /Lauri Ramey.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2019.

PS310.N4 Online

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Constitutional amendment in Canada /edited by Emmett Macfarlane. .Toronto : University of Toronto Press.

KE 4228 M33 2016

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The dying experience : expanding options for dying and suffering patients /Samuel H. LiPuma and Joseph P. DeMarco.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield International.

R 726 L57 2019

Anti/vax : reframing the vaccination controversy /Bernice L. Hausman.Ithaca : ILR Press.

RA 638 H38 2019


Madness and civilization : a history of insanity in the Age of Reason /translated from the French, by Richard Howard.New York : Vintage Books, 1988.

RC 438 F613 1988

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The book of world-famous music : classical, popular, and folk /James J. Fuld.New York : Dover Publications.

ML 113 F8 2000

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Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

Philosophy : asking questions--seeking answers /written by Stephen Stich, Thomas Donaldson.New York : Oxford University Press.

BD 21 S773 2019

Calming the emotional storm : using dialectical behavior therapy skills to manage your emotions & balance your life /Sheri Van Dijk.Oakland, CA : New Harbinger Publications.

BF 511 V36 2012

Banned emotions : how metaphors can shape what people feel /by Laura Otis.New York : Oxford University Press.

BF 582 O85 2019

Personality theory /Douglas P. Crowne.Don Mills : Oxford University Press.

BF 698 C74 2009

The complete father : essential concepts and archetypes /Michael O. Weiner and Les Paul Gallo-Silver.Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers.

BF 723 F35 W45 2019

For the sake of simple folk : popular propaganda for the German Reformation /R.W. Scribner. .Cambridge, Great Britain : Cambridge University Press.

BR 307 S46 1981

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Everyday chaos : technology, complexity, and how we're thriving in a new world of possibility /David Weinberger.Boston : Harvard Business Review Press.

Q 172.5 C45 W45 2019

The scientific attitude : defending science from denial, fraud, and pseudoscience /Lee McIntyre.Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press.

Q 175.5 M39 2019

Biological science /Scott Freeman [and eight others].North York, Ontario : Pearson Canada, Inc.

QH 308.2 F73 2019

The cell : a molecular approach /Geoffrey M. Cooper.New York : Oxford University Press.

QH 581.2 C66 2019

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Social Sciences

A brief history of doom : two hundred years of financial crises /Richard Vague.Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press.

HB 3722 V33 2019


MEASURING POVERTY AROUND THE WORLD. /Anthony B. Atkinson edited by John Micklewright and Andrea Brandolini with Afterwords by Francois Bourguignon and Nicholas Stern.Princeton, New Jersey: PRINCETON UNIV Press, 2019.


In the news : the practice of media relations in Canada /William Wray Carney, Colin Babiuk, Mark LaVigne.Edmonton : Pica Pica Press.

HD 59 C37 2019

The talent revolution : longevity and the future of work /Lisa Taylor and Fern Lebo.Toronto : University of Toronto Press.

HD 6279 T39 2019

No longer newsworthy : how the mainstream media abandoned the working class /Christopher R. Martin.Ithaca : ILR Press.

HD 8066 M18 2019

Innovation capital : how to compete, and win, like the world's most innovative leaders /Jeff Dyer, Nathan Furr, Curtis Lefrandt.Boston : Harvard Business Review Press.

HF 5386 D94 2019

Intermediate accounting. Volume 1 /Kin Lo, George Fisher ; with contributions by Kim Trottier, Desmond Tsang.Toronto : Pearson Canada Inc.

HF 5636 L65 2020

Practices of looking : an introduction to visual culture /Marita Sturken; Lisa Cartwright.New York : Oxford University Press.

HM 500 S78 2017

The great good place : cafés, coffee shops, bookstores, bars, hair salons, and other hangouts at the heart of a community /Ray Oldenburg.Cambridge, Massachusetts ; Da Capo Press.

HT 123 O52 1999

Child abuse : implications for child development and psychopathology /David A. Wolfe.Thousands Oaks, California : Sage Publications.

HV 6626.5 W58 1999

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Occupational health and safety for technologists, engineers, and managers /David L. Goetsch, Gene Ozon.North York, Ontario : Pearson Canada Inc.

T 55 G48 2019

Accident prevention manual for business & industry. Administration & programs /Philip E. Hagan, John F. Montgomery, James T. O'Reilly.Itasca, Il : National Safety Council.

T 55 H34 2015

100 contemporary fashion designers = 100 zeitgenössische Modedesigner = 100 créateurs de mode contemporarians /editor, Terry Jones.Köln, Germany : Taschen.

TT 505 A1 O54 2009

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World History

Reading the Middle Ages. Volume 1. From c.300 to c.115 : sources from Europe, Byzantium, and the Islamic world /edited by Barbara H. Rosenwein.Toronto : University of Toronto Press.

D 113 R67 2018 v.1

Reading the Middle Ages : sources from Europe, Byzantium, and the Islamic world. Volume II. From c.900 to c.1500/edited by Barbara H. Rosenwein.Toronto : University of Toronto Press.

D 113 R67 2018 v.2

Madame Fourcade's secret war : the daring young woman who led France's largest spy network against Hitler /Lynne Olson.New York : Random House.

D 810 S8 O47 2019

The High Middle Ages in Germany /edited by Rolf Toman.Koln : Benedikt Taschen.

DD 141 T66 1990

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Unclassified Paperback Fiction


The ghost road /Pat Barker.London : Penguin Books, 1996.


To the hermitage /Malcolm Bradbury.London : Picador.


The boys in the boat : nine Americans and their epic quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics /Daniel James Brown.New York : Penguin Books.



The teeth of the tiger /Tom Clancy.New York Berkley Publishing Group, 2004.



The poet /Michael Connelly.New York : Grand Central Publishing, 2009.



The last coyote /Michael Connelly.Boston : Grand Central Publishing, 2007.


The personal history of David Copperfield /Charles Dickens ; edited by Trevor Blount ; with 23 of the original illustrations by Hablôt K. Browne ('Phiz')London : Penguin Books.


The old curiosity shop /by Charles Dickens, edited by Angus Easson, with an introduction by Malcolm Andrews and original illustrations by George Cattermole and Hablôt K. Browne (Phiz).Harmondsworth : Penguin Group.


The wonder : a novel /Emma Donoghue.Toronto : HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.



Travels with my aunt /Graham Greene.Harmondsworth, Middlesex : Penguin Books Ltd., 1971.



Wessex tales /Thomas Hardy ; introduction and notes by F. B. Pinion.London : Macmillan London Limited, 1986.


The well-beloved /Thomas Hardy ; edited with an introduction by Tom Hetherington.Oxford : Oxford University Press.



A prayer for Owen Meany /John Irving.Toronto : Vintage Canada, 2009.


A man of parts /a novel by David Lodge.London : Vintage Books.



Afterglow and nightfall /by Edith Pargeter.London : Headling Book Publishing Plc., 1988.



Sunrise in the west /Edith Pargeter.London : Headline Book Publishing Plc., 1987.



The dragon at noonday /by Edith Pargeter.London : Headline Book Publishing Plc., 1987.


The dying light /Henry Porter.London : Orion.


The Alice network /Kate Quinn.New York : William Morrow.



The princes of Ireland /Edward Rutherfurd.Toronto : Anchor Canada, 2005.


Blue : a novel /Danielle Steel.New York : Delacorte Press.



The hobbit, or, There and back again /by J.R.R. Tolkien.London : HarperCollins Publishers, 1999.


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Iona Whishaw.Victoria : TouchWood Editions.


It begins in betrayal /Iona Whishaw.Victoria : TouchWood Editions.


Cut you down : a Wakeland novel /Sam Wiebe.Toronto : Random House Canada.


A touch of panic /L.R. Wright.Toronto : Doubleday Canada.


Do you think this is strange? /Aaron Cully Drake.Victoria : Brindle & Glass Publishing Ltd.


The field guide to the North American teenager /Ben Philippe.New York : Balzer + Bray.


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