• 嘛。不列颠哥伦比亚省(美术教育/课程研究)大学(2004年)
  • b.f.a.萨斯喀彻温大学,萨斯卡通(1983)
  • 幼儿认证,温哥华社区学院(1998年)
  • 国际蒙台梭利教学证书,多伦多(1984年)

I developed a commitment to and practice of Community Cultural Development (building community by making art together) as a visual artist & arts programmer for the City of Vancouver, Park Board. This form of socially engaged art encounters have artists and community members (who may not see themselves as artists) working together over an extended period of time as creators, producers, performers and active audience members. The scope and breadth of this creative work thriving and flourishing in Canada is as diverse as the communities themselves. In the Diploma and BRM, we investigate this growing field of artist/community collaboration, and the spectrum of arts programming from cultural festivals, to the role of facilities to grant writing. We unpack the creative process to build student confidence and understanding for how to offer ‘creative – making’ opportunities into the everyday life of community. The goal is to inspire and expand student understanding for why participation in the arts contributes to the growing vibrancies of neighbourhoods and civic society.





歌曲 和解  在和解的精神,第一民族艺术家威廉wasden邀请社区成员对有关寄宿学校的历史和原住民儿童共享的真理工作。

场子里居住工作室 温哥华公园董事会的方案,提供在公园,艺术家可以发展他们的工作,从事居民,并增加参与艺术工作室的空间。这一创新程序定位这些juried艺术家(S)进入该领域内部工作室居住了3年任期。